Restoring Our Legacy, Protecting Yours

We believe community is established through empathy and compassion. While the history of Native Americans in the United States certainly accentuates the point that social, economic, physical, and mental deterioration are wide-spread elements of the human condition, our Tribes seek wholesale restoration through community. 

As a 100% Tribally owned and controlled Tribal Health membership organization, members help restore the lives of downtrodden Tribes here and indigenous groups abroad, while gaining access to Native IA insurance policies – a lower cost alternative to the high priced, broken health insurance system.

Funded & Built a Pediatric Hospital

$1 Million Donated to Charitable Organizations

in 2020

$400,000 Donated to Communities in East Africa

in 2020

NARA Gives Back

The Native American Restoration Association (NARA) strives to stimulate awareness and economic recovery for Native American and international indigenous Tribal health issues, without forgetting each individual member has needs too. NARA has created programs that strive to help support the health of our members and Native communities.

Medical Debt Assistance

NARA believes everyone should have access to essential healthcare without financial strain. NARA offers financial assistance for members with very high or unexpected medical bills.


By supporting education, NARA aims to enhance the quality of culturally sensitive and supportive healthcare available to Native communities.

Diabetes Services

A highly comprehensive program available through TULA Health that supports members in the management of diabetes and a vibrant life.

We provide support and infrastructure to those most in need. The work we do with individuals and Tribes develops long-term solutions to benefit native communities

Our Impact

Sovereign Nations Health Consortium

SNHC is an Inter-Tribal association of federally recognized Sovereign Nations committed to ensuring the existence and longevity of our Tribes while providing modern healthcare solutions. For every member Tribe of SNHC, Congress has ratified a Treaty or passed an Act restoring the federal trust responsibility to the Tribe.

Native Insurance Alliance

Native Insurance Alliance is an organization owned and led by Native American Tribal Leaders and is committed to improving health outcomes and financially stability for Native American Communities. Native IA created solutions that ensure every member has access to quality healthcare tailored to their lifestyle and needs.

What Our Donors Say

Once you get an idea of the impact in what we are going to be able to do together, you can’t help but get excited.
Curtis Anderson